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Las Delicias from Nicaragua (1 LB) " Light Roast"

Image of Las Delicias from Nicaragua (1 LB) " Light Roast"
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Description: Pulped Natural: The pulped natural method consists of pulping a coffee, but emitting the fermentation stage to remove the silverskin. This results in a beverage that has characteristics of both a dry- and wet-processed coffee. It is often sweeter than wet-processed coffees, has some of the body of a dry-processed coffee, but also retains some of the acidity of a wet-processed coffee. This type of processing can only occur in countries where the humidity is low and the coffee covered in the sweet mucilage can be dried rapidly without fermenting.

Region: Jinotega: Finca Las Delicias is located in the area of Jinotega, at an average height of 1450 meters above sea level.

Cupping: Milk Chocolate, Almonds, Citrus