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Mexico-FTO (El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve)

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Description: Fair Trade Organic Coffee
The farms where these beans are harvested is in the El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve in southern Mexico. It is one of the world’s most diverse forest reserves located in the Sierra Madre de Chiapas in southern Chiapas. This reserve contains Meso-America's largest cloud forest, as well as a protected natural environment for thousands of plant and animal species.
One of the things that has set Mexico's coffee apart is the abundance of both Fair Trade- and organic-certified coffees. The strong influence of indigenous groups and cultures has long been the driving force between smallholders' embrace of organic practices, as they are often in line with traditional growing philosophies and utilize similar if not the same techniques. Fair Trade has also done considerable work with regards to encouraging smallholders to organize and operate within cooperatives, which allows them to pool resources, provides better access to credit and financing options, and creates more market presence and leverage in a competitive global economy.
The women’s association of the Triunfo Verde Co-op has 51 members who have come together in order to collectively face some of the issues that affect women farmers in Mexico, including gender-based domestic violence, legal obstacles to obtaining land ownership, limited opportunities to diversify the family income, fewer educational opportunities, and economic dependence on men. Specifically, the group has come together to launch a financial program for women called FinMujer (Financing of the Coffee Woman). This initiative seeks to distribute funds for farm renovation, home improvements, the establishment of savings funds, and more. All of the coffee produced here is shade-grown.
Processing: Washed

Region: Jaltenango, Chiapas Mexico

Altitude 0900-1800 meters

Cupping Notes: Mellow, soft and citric with cocoa and almond flavors.