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(New) Peru Decaf (Fair Trade Organic, Dark Roast Only)

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Description: Delicious Single Origin Coffee, Peruvian Coffee Organic, hail from the tall peaks of the Andes in the tropical forests of the Amazon Basin.

Peru is a leader in Organic Coffee and Fair Trade Certified Coffees and increasingly is producing interesting and unique micro-lots. Most Peruvian coffee farms are small (the average coffee farm size is 7-1/2 acres) and are managed by family members.

Producers hand pick their ripe cherries, de-pulp them in small de-pulpers, and ferment them on their individual farms in fermentation tanks before sun*drying on patios or raised beds. Producers sell their coffee in parchment to cooperatives, local buyers, or exporters. After being sorted and dry-milled, coffee leaves Peru through the ports of Paita Or Callao.

This bean goes through a Swiss Water® Process which uses water from the pristine environment of the coast mountains of British Columbia, Canada to gently remove the caffeine until the coffee beans are 99.9% caffeine-free, while maintaining the bean’s distinctive origin and flavor characteristics. It’s decaffeinated coffee without compromise. Coffee decaffeinated using the environment-friendly Swiss Water® Process undergoes regular caffeine level audits to ensure compliance to 99.9% caffeine-free.

Region: Selva Central

Altitude: 1,100 – 1,800 meters

Cupping Notes: Spicy, floral, sweet, full creamy body, well-balanced, complex