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Description: Kenya has one of the most interesting and complicated histories with coffee. Despite sharing a border with Ethiopia, the accepted 'birthplace' of coffee, Kenya was one of the latest places planted in coffee. this was nearly 300 years after the plant was first cultivated for sale. In fact, the varieties that were brought to Kenya had circumnavigated the globe before they found their way back to the African continent, changing in various climates to create a profile that, once adapted to the rich soil around Mt. Kenya, resulted in the singular profiles that this country has to offer. This has resulted in their supreme quality coffee.

Today, the majority of Kenyan farmers tend small plots, growing as few as 150 coffee trees. They bring cherry to centrally located mills, where their coffees are weighed, sorted, and combined to create lots large enough to process and export.

This Kichwa Tembo high quality washed AA coffee is from various smallholder farms in Kenya. The word "Tembo" is the Swahili word for Elephant, representing the strength and impact of these coffees in the cup.

Regions: various smallholder farms

Altitude: 1800-2300 meters

Cupping Notes: "Juicy, sweet and smooth with grapefruit, caramel, chocolate and citrus fruit flavors."